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Tayside Trail Association

Creating a network of rider driven groups who work with landowners to protect, enhance and grow our trail network is essential for the sustainable future of Scottish mountain biking. Trails Associations are essential if Scottish mountain biking is to achieve this. Here we speak to Adam Flint and focus on Tayside Trail Association.

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Adam Flint - Tayside Trail Association

The Tayside Trail Association (TTA) was formed in 2020 by a collection of local riders searching for a way to formalise communication with land managers, the local riding community, and trail builders for the betterment of the Tayside trail network.

Due to the geography and size of the area, the TTA was subdivided into individual 'Trail Crews' covering Dunkeld, Perth (Kinnoull Hill and Deuchny Bike Park), Pitmedden, and Ballo. This allows pre-existing groups to continue the work that has put the area on the map, with improved guidance, education, and support from the TTA.

The standardisation of best practice throughout our region makes for a better rider experience, but also makes the communication easier when working with multiple landowners in the area, all of whom have different approaches to trail management.


Adam Flint - Tayside Trail Association

There have already been success stories with events and races being run with TTA guidance, dig days with help from other forest users, (such as horse riders and walkers), and the potential expansion of the recognised supported trail network to include other fantastic biking areas.

Following on from the dig days, we have been running a number of Take Care of Your Trails Days, in conjunction with Trash Free Trails which have been well attended, and we are seeing a new wave of interested trail builders, who developed their skills on the bike during the last few years, and are now looking to put something back, and learning how to do so. More and more riders are seeing the progress, and appreciating the work that goes into maintaining them. They are supporting the TTA with donations, and purchases of our newly released TTA jerseys and mugs. This has been launched as part of our new website ( which is the best way for anyone to get in touch.

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Adam Flint - Tayside Trail Association

Looking to the future, we are hoping to get a solid summer of riding (crucial!) and trail work under our belts, before looking at how best to support the neighbouring ride spots.

The process of recording trail inspections, setting up dig days, and other fun paperwork aspects are getting easier and quicker. This leads to more regular activity on the trails, giving us more time on the tools, and on the bikes.

It also gives us more time to liaise with other associations, learn best practices, new ways of managing trails, and sharing information on association hot topics like tool manufacturing, insurance, and new ways of raising money.

We are still only a small group, so expanding the volunteer base will also be ongoing, but thanks to some new support, we are able to get our website, social media, and donation process on track.

All of which can be found on the website at or find us on Facebook.

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