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Scottish mountain biking needs you.

Register your support for Scottish Mountain Biking and receive benefits, volunteering opportunities, exclusive news stories and more.

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Riders are the lifeline of mountain biking, they are the voice of our sport, they are what inspires us to do the work we do. We can only be a truly national organisation with riders' support, knowledge, and energy.

We reflect the voice of riders when we speak to Scottish Government, national agencies, and landowners. This is why it is so important that you can become part of our movement.

Free Donation

Yes, it is still a donation when you sign up for free – here is what we need you to do:

  • Join us in spreading the benefits of mountain biking in Scotland
  • Share our content
  • Know, where and how you can volunteer into ours, and trusted partners, trails and participation programmes
  • Give us regular feedback on our work
  • Be willing to provide your knowledge and experience of the trails and our community
  • Engage and understand how our collective voice can be used to make the changes we all want to see in Scottish mountain biking

In return, here is our promise to you:

  • Free access to our resources on trail building, leadership, access, research, training events and more
  • We will represent your views to Scottish Government
  • We will continue to seek funding to support trails associations
  • Represent mountain bikers at National Access Forum – helping to retain and enhance access to trails for riders
  • Lobby for increased investment into our trail network and the volunteers who help manage it
  • Keep you updated through a digital newsletter 3 times per year

To have the trail network we need for all riders, to be able to share the benefits of mountain biking with kids from areas of deprivation, run MTB & mental health programmes, and to develop the welcome we want all riders to have in our destinations takes time and money.

We want to call on our strong community of independent riders to come together and donate (when they can) to causes that mean the most to them. Learn more about the Scottish Trail Fund and Scottish MTB Health Fund.

Sign-up and support Scottish Mountain Biking

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