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Ella Conolly our Aberdeenshire Ambassador

EWS racer and self-confessed Highland girl at heart, Ella Conolly recently discovered the joyous trail network and welcome that Aberdeenshire has to offer. This week she helps us spread that joy and shows you just why you need to come ride Aberdeenshire!

Ella 1

Enjoy our short film by Rob Grew and we challenge you to not be stoked and want to grab your bike and ride. We love this!

I’m a Highland girl at heart with a big hunger for adventure and Aberdeenshire has my attention! During this winter and the break from EWS racing, Aberdeenshire popped up on my radar.

Just a couple of hours from home, I’ve spent some time there discovering new trails and sampling goods from each of the delicious cafes (seriously, go try the grilled cheese at Tarmachan Cafe or the coffee and cake at Spider on a Bicycle!). It’s very quickly become one of my favourite riding destinations and there’s still so much more to explore.

There’s a great mix of riding: mountains and hills, natural flow, rock slabs, and the newly refurbished Chutney trail which is blue flow heaven. I’ve found everything I wanted in such a short distance and everyone seems happy to see bike riders.

A beautiful coastline, plentiful Munro's, and a growing mountain bike scene. The perfect outdoor playground. My only complaint is that we didn’t stay long enough.

Ella 1
Credit Rob Grew. Yeeeeeeew!

Ella ATA

Credit Rob Grew. Giving back to the trails!

You can give back to the trail network in Aberdeenshire at no extra cost to yourself! Book your stay using our link and 5% of the total cost will go directly to the Aberdeenshire Trail Association to help them maintain the trail network and build more awesomeness.

Inspired to visit?

Book your holiday and give 5% to the trails.
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