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The Tweed Valley is renowned throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond for the quality, design, and the sheer number of mountain bike trails and, also, the passion for the sport that winds through every fibre of the Valley. This week we spotlight the area, the people, and the experiences you can have in one of Scotland's premier MTB destinations.

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Where 7stanes trail centres originated from?

In the incredibly hard times following the Foot and Mouth crisis at the turn of the millennium, getting people back into the Scottish countryside was an increasingly difficult undertaking. The creation of the mountain bike trail centres across the South of Scotland, known as the 7stanes was designed to stimulate the hard-hit region back into life again and, over time, that’s exactly what it did.

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What's on offer in the Valley?

Aside from the man-made, Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) iconic and much loved trails centre trails, the network of natural, hand-built trails, is vast, and with careful management and dialogue between the Tweed Valley Trails Association and FLS, the sustainability of this important network is in capable hands.

Add in stunning cross-country adventures and many, many km's of gravel options, whatever or however you ride, there are trails and tracks to suit and will bring you back again and again. The sheer quality and quantity of riding available means that you could holiday in the Valley for a week, and not ride the same trail twice.

The vibrant local mountain bike community scene has served to vastly increase the resort feeling. With so many cafes, bars and restaurants, bike shops, coaching and guiding providers, and accommodation providers keen to support the growing community of visiting mountain bikers and cyclists, there is a buzz, excitement, and a real feel of more to come to further enhance this amazing mountain bike mecca!


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To minimise our environmental impact we are promoting that riders visit our key destinations and stay for as long as possible, exploring all that the destination has to offer.

We hope that riders will travel as sustainably as they can, eat and drink local, give back to the trails they ride, and ride responsibly - considering their impact on other users, mountain rescue teams, landowners/managers, and the environment.

For further local knowledge, information and great advice look no further than this one-stop-shop, GO TWEED VALLEY.

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