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Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland is a strong voice for the mountain bike community. We lead by energising, coordinating, providing support and advice to ensure that effort, and funding invested, produces the biggest impact for riders and funders.

Beinn a Bhuird Full Res

We bring the mountain bike community together with the Scottish Government, national agencies and landowners driving forward the Strategy for Scottish Mountain Biking, 2023-2025 (the MTB strategy) with the ambition and vision that Scotland will be recognised as the leader of European mountain biking.

Our work links the key themes of the MTB strategy focussing on where we can add most value and have the biggest impact across: Trails, Destination, Health and Innovation. Find out more about what we do in each of those areas and how you can be a part of it.

Strategy for Scottish Mountain Biking, 2023-2025
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About DMBinS

We are a small team of extremely passionate mountain bikers who firmly believe that we can make a lasting impact into improving our sport in Scotland. We each have specific roles and work across tourism, participation, mental health, promotion and marketing, strategic planning and representation. We work with a range of partners and stakeholders - all - who have a varied interest in mountain biking developing sustainably.

Over the last 10 years mountain biking in Scotland has made great progress. It has been evidenced that an innovative approach and a clear vision can create partnerships that help all concerned. Huge opportunities remain. Mountain biking has so much more to give to Scotland and we will only enjoy these benefits if we continue to work in the effective partnerships that we have nurtured at every level.

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Scottish Mountain Bike strategy Launch day at Glentress


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