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Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland is evolving. After 10 years, the position of Scottish Mountain Biking on the world stage is strong, but we know it can be stronger and it needs your help and support.

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Scottish Trail Fund

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Donate to help create new trails, improve existing trails and hill paths, maintain our access rights, and train volunteers through trails associations and…

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Scottish MTB Health Fund

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Donate to help us run more MTB & Mental Health (Trail Therapy) Programmes, get more women and girls riding, deliver urban MTB initiatives, support more MTB…

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We want to involve riders who are passionate, care about their trails, and want more people to feel the physical and mental health benefits of mountain biking.

Essentially, we want you to be part of the future of Scottish mountain biking!

We want the MTB community to be involved in our funds, raise money and have a say in what we do and how we do it. And due to the charitable characteristics of our work around trails and improving the health of our country through mountain biking, we now have two new charitable funds – Scottish Trail Fund and Scottish MTB Health Fund which are being overseen by the Scottish Cycling Charitable Foundation (SCCF).

Due to our limited resources, we are going to have to do this in stages.

We will be recruiting a management committee for the Scottish Trail Fund. In the near future, we will be launching a blog on this process and we urge you to get involved if you want to help the trustees of the SCCF to make decisions on how this fund is spent and distributed into the trails across Scotland.

We also want to hear your ideas into how we can improve the funds, how you could get involved and help raise funds for Scottish Trail Fund and Scottish MTB Health Fund.

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