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Mountain biking in Scotland is world class with endless tracks woven through our forests, mountains and glens, purpose built trail centres, incredible natural environment and some of the most progressive access rights in the world.

Our Rights & Responsibilities To Ride

One of the things that makes Scotland so special is our world-renowned access rights. The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 established a right of access to most land and inland water in Scotland. These access rights extend to mountain biking and give us the unique opportunity to explore Scotland responsibly.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code shows how, by taking responsibility for our own actions, respecting the interests of other people and caring for the environment, we can all share the joy of the outdoors.

For further details on the key points within the Code relevant to mountain biking, including many good practice examples, see our Do The Ride Thing guidance.

Where to ride

Scottish MTB Ride Guide

We worked in partnership with Decathlon, to create a new resource aimed at promoting mountain biking/off-road cycling and providing the key information needed to get started, in a bitesize format - perfect for those new to the sport.

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