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Scottish Trail Summit

This annual one-day summit brings together the growing number of trailbuilders, trails associations, community groups and landowners to discuss progress, build on good relationships and discuss how we can collectively solve any issues.



The first Scottish Mountain Bike Trail Summit was held as part of the 2018 Scottish Mountain Bike Conference in Aviemore.

The ‘Unauthorised Mountain Bike Trails - A Guide for Land Managers and Riders' was launched by the National Access Forum at this conference.

This gudance was bourne out of Forestry and Land Scotland and Scottish Land & Estates concerns about the level of unauthorised trails which were being constructed across Scotland. Those concerns were raised to the National Access Forum and action was needed.

We were able to provide a robust defence, engaged the MTB community in the process and led the drafting of the guide. But this was just the start.

Now and into the future

A key part of the Scottish Mountain Bike Strategy is for Scotland to have a truly world-class trail network by 2025.

To do this the trail network must be varied, well mapped, easy to access, suitable for riders of all abilities, and they must be managed and maintained by the right people.

Trails Associations are key to this and it has been fantastic to see the number of volunteers and the growing trust between mountain bikers and landowners that the first trails associations in Scotland generated.

We hope that by hosting these annual summits, bringing together everyone with an interest in trail building, whether that be riders, builders or landowners to learn from each other, listen to industry experts, help create a sustainable system of support and enjoy digging or riding trails together, the momentum will continue and the Scottish trail network will grow sustainably into the future.


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