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North East Adventure Tourism Project

How we are supporting the MTB & Adventure sector in Aberdeenshire.

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Project Summary

After our successful MTB focused project running from 2018-2020 we were delighted to extend our work in Aberdeenshire through the development of a new project – North East Adventure Tourism (NEAT).

This exciting project aims to increase the value of adventure tourism in the region broadening staff roles to become increasingly involved in the wider adventure tourism sector.

Support comes from a variety of organisations with expertise across multiple sectors: Opportunity North East, Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeenshire Council, Scottish Cycling and VisitAberdeenshire.

Mountain biking continues to be a key activity in for the project alongside other key outdoor activities including Snow Sports, Water Sports and Hiking.

Short film that we made with Dominic Simmons Films identifying some of the key highlights of our Aberdeenshire MTB Development Project 2018-2020.

Aberdeenshire Showcase Pinkbike RB 51

Staff Team

Our staff team has expanded to 2 in Aberdeenshire following the creation of the NEAT Project.

Will, who previously worked on the 2018-2020 MTB project has been retained in the role of NEAT Project Manager bringing his background in education and sports development and years of on the ground experience.

Recently we were fortunate to add Anna as NEAT Project Co-Ordinator bringing a wealth of experience from MTB coaching and guiding as well as running a successful business in the sector.

We are delighted to have a strong and dynamic local team to enhance the support we can offer local businesses, projects and groups across the region.

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Our Will
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Our Anna

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