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Beyond Bikes - Celebration of the power of Scottish Mountain Biking

What an incredible evening! Recently a sell-out audience enjoyed a selection of powerful, emotional, and stunning films which displayed the power of Scottish mountain biking, showing just how it makes a difference in people's lives. The event also raised a fantastic £1500 for the Scottish MTB Health Fund.

Beyond Bikes Film Night Promo

The power of riding for your mental and physical wellbeing is well documented and to be celebrated. Everyone experiences challenges in life.

Beyond Bikes brought important conversations to a sold-out audience at MacRobert Theatre in Stirling. The evening challenged thinking about ‘normal living’ and gave a voice to the opportunities that emerge when you grab life by the handlebars.

These impactful short films were accompanied by Q&A's on 'After the Storm', the remarkable story of Scots Asian diversity pioneer Aneela McKenna who has tackled racism and discrimination in her own life with the help of mountain biking, and 'Recovery' the story of the impact of our Trail Therapy programme on James from in-patient to mentor/leader.

All of the films showcased human courage in the Scottish cycling community, telling stories of lives transformed through cycling as well as the ‘flow’ mind state - with a growing body of evidence that indicates the power of 'flow' in supporting positive mental health.

The night was organised through an amazing effort between ourselves, Mòr Diversity, and Treeline.

In total, the night raised £1500- for the Scottish MTB Health Fund.

We were also delighted to receive funding from Film Hub Scotland which allowed us to host the event and invite our refugee friends from Glasgow who were involved in the Humans of Glasgow Bike project run by RideMòr in association with Positive Action in Housing - a charity doing incredible work supporting refugees and migrants to rebuild their lives.


Following Beyond Bikes we have had so many enquiries about how to watch our film 'Recovery'.

We are delighted to launch our film 'Recovery' on the Vimeo platform as a pay-per-view to help raise further funds for the Scottish MTB Health Fund and into our Trail Therapy programme - in turn, giving more people access to the programme and allowing us to train more volunteers to support it.

Did you know it costs £75,000 to run the Trail Therapy programme for a year? You may think that donating a small amount will not scratch the surface. However, if the MTB community embraces the Scottish MTB Health Fund we will use our expertise in match funding to unlock further investment and get more people across Scotland supported and on their way to recovery by bike.

For only £3, you can watch our full film - WATCH NOW!

Enjoy the trailer below and then, if you can, please choose which amount you would like to pay to enjoy the film and help more people access Trail Therapy.

Thank you in advance.

After the Storm

After The Storm reveals the remarkable story of diversity pioneer Aneela McKenna who has tackled racism and discrimination in her own life with the help of mountain biking and now asks the industry to do the same.

Join the adventure to #RIDEOVERRACISM and make mountain biking a more diverse and inclusive space. Beyond the film's UK premiere (Kendal Mountain Film Festival, November 2021), After the Storm will screen at select film festivals and be available via a ‘Diversity Tour’ for private (online and in-person) screening to groups, businesses, and organisations within and beyond the MTB, cycling and outdoors sectors combined with expertly facilitated discussion around diversity and inclusion, allyship, barriers to inclusivity and overcoming these challenges.

All screening requests are welcomed and you are asked to contact Aneela through and their new social enterprise venture - if you are interested.

Mind Over Mountains

Mind Over Mountains is a short film about the mindset behind riding far and fast. Challenging the idea that speed and suffering go hand in hand, it follows Annie Lloyd Evans, Huw Oliver, and friends as they ride Scotland's stunning Cairngorms Loop ITT on a perfect August day.

Moving fast, light and in the moment, they show us that love for a landscape and joy for the simplicity of movement are what fuel unforgettable rides.

Watch the film now!

Scotland the MTB Hero

We have created a series of inspirational films featuring all of the key destinations featured in our Ride Guide.

This teaser video gave us goosebumps when we saw the initial cut and made us remember how incredibly lucky we are to live in such an awesome country - we hope this inspires you to get out there, explore your Scotland and connect with the simple pleasure of just pedaling in nature.

Our friend, Olly, who helped us run 'Beyond Bikes' is making a welcome return back to big screens across Scotland with another inspirational series of films in his curated 'The Big Bike Film Night'

We highly recommend following Treeline on Facebook and Instagram. When tickets are released they will sell out fast - so, get your tickets early!

We look forward to seeing you at the evenings!


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