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Mountain Biking For All – Escape into adventure this summer throughout Scotland! We are today launching a new campaign showcasing the inclusivity, diversity, and benefits to everyone’s physical and mental health that Scottish mountain biking provides. Watch our film, share our content and join us in celebrating our sport and our amazing country.

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New film developed by Scotty Laughland to support our campaign. Many thanks to everyone who joined in with the filming and had fun shredding.

Once perceived as a niche sport for adrenaline junkies, mountain biking is now a hugely popular recreational activity, with over 30 official trail centres spread across Scotland, seeing thousands of visitors every day. These centres have provided an entry point for riders to learn and develop their skills on graded trails that cater for all abilities. We want to raise awareness of how accessible mountain biking is and how it should be part of everyone’s plans for this summer.

We hope that our summer campaign will reach out to a new demographic of potential riders to highlight the benefits of official trail centres, while providing information and inspiration so that more people will realise that, through the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, mountain bikers have the right to responsibly access a huge and wide network of paths and trails right across the country. The campaign will highlight some of the best destinations in Scotland for all to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that mountain biking can bring.

Emily and Family at Comrie

From family fun at one of Scotland's dedicated mountain bike trail centres to......

North Highlands

.....adventures in the highlands!

With the huge increase in semi-urban and urban trails, mountain biking has been brought to a wider audience, giving the opportunity to those who can now access facilities without the need to travel by car. Pump tracks have proven to be incredibly popular, so much so that Scotland now has the second-highest number of pump tracks of any country in Europe!

This opportunity provision has been crucial in opening mountain biking to a broader spectrum of riders from different backgrounds, offering new ways to maintain health and well-being and build social cohesion in cities from Edinburgh to Inverness, and many smaller towns in between.

Nyasha in air

Nyasha Makusha is a young rider who is honing his skills both on pump tracks and wider trail networks.

Nyasha explains the joy of mountain biking in Scotland,

I love mountain biking in Scotland. It helps me express myself, I get to meet amazing people and explore so many beautiful places. The facilities available for everyone across the country are incredible and I hope I can help spread the word and inspire more people of all ages and abilities to try mountain biking for themselves.

Nyasha thumbs up

The accessibility of mountain biking in Scotland is meaning that it is becoming more inclusive, whilst once known as a domain for white middle-aged men, it is now noticeably more diverse with many more children and young people, women, ethnic minorities, and disabled riders enjoying the trails.

Hand Bikes

Smiles for miles!

Craig Grimes, from Experience Community, explains why he loves coming to Scotland to ride his adapted bike,

Scotland blows me away every time I come from England to ride. The stunning landscapes, the quality of the paths and trails, and the welcome I get from businesses and communities is fantastic and improving all the time. I would really recommend that everyone heads north for their physical and mental health.

Craig on bridge

Scotland - accessible by bike in so many ways and for so many people.

These increases in provision have helped mountain biking in Scotland become a national and global attraction, with visitors and families able to spend more time in the country enjoying dedicated mountain biking holidays in destination areas such as the densely forested Tweed Valley to the mountainous, sea views of Lochaber, or creating joined up, road trip style trips at multiple venues from Dumfriesshire through the Cairngorms and Aberdeenshire to the North Highlands.

Our new website highlights the range of opportunities on offer from beginner trails to advanced, technical options across the country, with suggestions on how these can be linked up for the most enjoyment. It also ensures that visitors are encouraged to visit our key destinations that already have the infrastructure, capability, and facilities on offer to cater for this increasing market.

Girls on heartbreak ridge

So many options across Scotland for adventure!

Let’s shout about Scotland’s rich and diverse culture, breathtaking views and exhilarating terrain, and let folks know that no matter your ability or needs - through mountain biking you can have an awesome, unforgettable experience in Scotland.

We hope over the course of this summer campaign as many of you as possible will get involved, share our content, and support us in showcasing mountain biking in Scotland to as many folks as possible.

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