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Scottish MTB Ride Guide with Decathlon

In partnership with Decathlon, we developed a new resource aimed at promoting good messaging to those new to mountain biking and off road cycling. Valuable, key information, provided in a bitesize format to help folks make informed decisions about kit and our rights and responsibilities when adventuring on two wheels.

DRG front cover

The increase in people looking for new adventures closer to home and seeking new ways to enjoy the outdoors, largely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, saw an astronomical rise in the numbers looking to try cycling and mountain biking, either for the first time, or renewing a former passion.

This guide was developed as it was recognised that there was an opportunity to reach out to this new audience to help them make the right choices around the opportunities for riding across Scotland whilst informing them of their rights and responsibilities as a rider when accessing our outdoor spaces and of course what kit they should consider to keep them safe and comfortable.

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