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Dumfries & Galloway

Home to 5 of the 7stanes trail centres and Drumlanrig, D&G has trails for all abilities with some of the most iconic features of any trails across Scotland. The area also has the stunning Solway Coast and a thriving arts scene.

DG Credit Scotty Laughland 2
DG Credit Scotty Laughland

Views over Dumfries from Mabie Forest. Credit: Scotty Laughland


With Ae Forest to the North and Mabie to the South (& within riding distance from town), Dumfries is a fantastic base for a mountain bike holiday.

Ae has trails for all abilities, including one of Scotland's best/most scenic green trails along the River of Ae and the blue which has some amazing flowing sections. The red is a great day out and has an old-school XC feel (& really comes alive on an e-bike) with some brilliant sweeping sections, and optional black sections. There are also the DH trails, Ae Downhill and the Shredder, and a network of handcut trails which can be accessed via uplift by Adrenalin Uplift. The cafe and bike shop are both excellent and are run by a local riding family.

Mabie Forest is the original mountain bike centre in the area and is steeped in Scottish MTB history. There are trails for all abilities and the red XC loop has stunning viewpoints of the area with different big mountain vistas throughout.

This year, 2021, has also seen the addition of a new pump track within Dumfries, located on Glentrool Rd, DG2 9QN

DG Credit Scotty Laghland 3

riding at Ae forest. Credit: Scotty Laughland


Built with so much love by the Scottish mountain biking legend, Rik Alsop, the trails of Drumlanrig are crafted to give you some of the best flow, tech, and fun - rivaling any trail(s) in Scotland.

The trails head out from the impressive Drumlanrig Castle which has 120 rooms, 17 turrets, and 4 towers. The castle is the stunning Dumfriesshire seat of the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensberry. There are also loads of other activities, walking trails, and more gentle cycle routes - making it an amazing day for everyone in your group/family.

Rik not only builds the trails, but he also runs Rik's Bike Shed - the onsite bike shop which has all your usual bike shop gear and a selection of hire bikes. There is also a bike wash, showers, and cafe at the trailhead.

DG Credit Scotty Laghland 4


Kirroughtree has a bit of everything for everyone.

The black route is a firm favourite for those looking for an XC loop with amazing features including McMoab - it is a great days ride and riders should take all supplies and a well-packed bag.

The Blue is one of our favourite trails in Scotland. The new(ish) sections towards the trailhead are fun, flowy, and will leave you with a wide grin. The Red trail is shorter than the black making it ideal for anyone who wants a technical XC ride gut is a bit shorter in time. The Green is an easy ride on quiet roads, forest tracks, and finishes with fun singletrack - for those who are just getting back on the bike it is a good ride in a beautiful part of Scotland.

The trailhead has the amazing BrakePad bike shop with all the gear and a good range of hire bikes including e-bikes, a cafe, bike wash, and a children's play area. It is a must-visit on your trip to Dumfries & Galloway.

DM Bin S D G Dalbeattie Slab

Riding down the Slab, Dalbeattie


Home to one of Scotland's most iconic bits of trail 'The Slab', Dalbeattie has a unique sense of character and place making it a great place to ride on your trip to Dumfries & Galloway.

'The Slab' is black graded (for good reason) but has a ride around as part of the red route - an XC loop with serious fun and challenging sections. Best ridden at pace, it comes alive if you have good legs - or there is always an e-bike?

There is also a green route, a blue trail, and an excellent skills area to hone your skills on the granite features you will find on the trails.

Gravel & Glentrool

Galloway forest is the largest forest park in the UK. As you can imagine it is an amazing location to create gravel adventures.

With international gravel events now running from the park it is quickly growing its reputation on the skinnier tire scene.

Glentrool, the smallest of the 7stanes, is the perfect base for your gravel rides with short, medium, and long backcountry rides all heading out from the trail centre.

To minimise our environmental impact we are promoting riders to visit our key destinations and stay for as long as possible.

We hope that riders will consider their impact - travel as sustainably as they can, eat and drink local, give back to the trails they ride, and ride responsibly - considering their impact on other users, mountain rescue teams, landowners/managers, and the environment.

For further local knowledge, information and great advice look no further than this one-stop shop, Scotland Starts Here.

Train: You can access the area via ScotRail. The train service from Glasgow has good availability of bike storage (space for 8 bikes) and we recommend (attempting) to book your bike onto the train in advance of traveling. If you are unable to book your bike on the train, and although it is not guaranteed, we do find the train guards and staff generally take a reasonable approach to taking your bike on a train. If there is no space then please be polite and considerate towards all staff (we know you will but just in case). The train also opens up the potential for bigger adventure rides through epic scenery.

Bus: There are bus services around Dumfries and Galloway - please see timetables via Dumfries & Galloway Council. We are investigating whether you can take your bike on buses - it is not clear from existing advice on websites.

Car: We recognise that a car, or van, is a really flexible and handy option for mountain biking trips. Covid considerations/restrictions should be taken into account, however, when possible we would recommend sharing lifts and minimising any unnecessary journeys. Where possible, park up and ride from your accommodation. Electric car charge points are available in various locations across Dumfries & Galloway.

Hotels: There is a fantastic selection of hotels across Dumfries and Galloway. Please consider booking with Expedia through this link and 5% of your booking will help support the set up of a trails association in the area and they will then help maintain and develop the trail network you will be riding during your stay.

Camping and Bunkhouses: The Valley has many accommodation options to suit all budgets and need for adventure. Check out Scotland Starts Here for a great rundown of all that is on offer.

You may also, under Scottish Outdoor Access Code, choose to 'wild' camp - especially if you want a bikepacking adventure. Please be aware that you only have this right if you are a responsible camper - click away for more details on what that means in practice from our friends at Nature Scot.

Self-catering: There are plenty of self-catering options too. So if you are looking for a quiet secluded getaway for two or a large property for a gathering of friends - check out our friends at Scotland Starts Here for some fantastic options.

7stanes trail centres are managed and maintained by Forestry and Land Scotland.

The trails at Drumlanrig are managed by the estate with Rik working hard on maintaining and developing them

There is currently no official trails association supporting trail management across the area - we hope to support one to start in 2022.

Food and Drink: The area has a range of produce, in particular, the area is famed for its dairy produce with Galloway cheeses, ice cream, and milk. There is also a growing selection of farm shops, great cafes, bars and restaurants all serving local and organic produce - check out Scotland Starts Here for a great overview of some of the best places to satisfy that post-ride hunger/thirst.

With the exception of the 7stanes and Drumlanrig trail centres which are purpose-built trails, all the other trails, and paths in Dumfries & Galloway you are riding under the right of responsible access as defined in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

We highly recommend reading through all elements of our Do The Ride Thing guidance to understand your rights and responsibilities.

At times Dumfries & Galloway trails and paths can seem less remote and wild than some other areas of Scotland however the weather can change quickly, the trails can be challenging and you (or a member of your group) could have an accident. Good preparation can really help you stay safe on the hills.

The area is also busy with other users of the outdoors please be respectful and friendly at all times, make sure other users know you are there and be ready to give way at all times, and we can all enjoy this beautiful area together.

Trail Maps & Apps For Destination

To help you plan your visit to Dumfries & Galloway we have collated the official trail centre maps and rider-driven apps which can help you discover the best trails across the area.

Rider populated apps are a great way to discover new trails however they may not be up to date with trail conditions and we recommend doing further research before you ride.

Please ride responsibly on all trails - follow our Do The Ride Thing guidance.

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