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Lars Wraae Jensen - DIRTT Project Manager


Lars Wraae Jensen is the manager of the DIRTT Project and has been involved in the process of establishing DIRTT since 2017.

Lars lives in Hallingdal, Norway, where he has been working as the regional MTB coordinator since 2015. Hallingdal, a region know for some of Norway's leading ski resorts, is now in the process of becoming one of Scandinavia's leading mountain bike regions. Lars is also engaged at the national level as the chairman of OFT – the Norwegian mountain bike destination network. In this role, he has coordinated the efforts to establish the Norwegian trail difficulty rating system, the national MTB guide and instructor certification (under the European EOMTBing-scheme), as well as several other industry guidelines.

Lars has managed multiple trail building projects and master plan processes, and has been actively involved in building capacity in the Norwegian trail building industry since 2015.

Like every other Norwegian he enjoys skiing – but is gradually becoming more mountain biker than skier.

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