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Take care of your trails

Take Care of Your Trails is an annual campaign, that DMBinS sarted in Scotland, to encourage and promote volunteer based trail maintenance. The campaign highlights all trail repair, clean-up and build efforts from trail crews and volunteers across Europe.


Story so far

An initiative that we started in 2015 here in Scotland took on a pan European slant as in 2017 we worked with IMBA Europe to organise the largest ever concerted voluntary trail repair, maintenance and build effort.

Over a weekend in April the first ever pan European ‘Take Care of Your Trails’ weekend took place with trail repair groups from Scotland to Poland, Denmark to Czech Republic and Sweden to Spain, engaging in a friendly competition to see which country could get the most amount of volunteers to work on paths and trails per head of population.

Centrally co-ordinated by IMBA Europe, thousands of volunteers took part and this set the precedence for the initiative moving forward.

Every year we work closely with IMBA Europe to promote the campaign to trails associations and volunteer groups across Scotland.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to highlight the quality and quantity of trail repair work that is happening across Scottish mountain biking and to get more people involved in helping out with the maintenance of their local trails and of course, to win the title of the Best MTB Community in Europe!

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What next?

The Campaign has grown in impetus and is highly regarded across Europe. Take Care of your Trails now spans a month each year, ensuring that there are maximum opportunities for trail crews across Europe to get involved. If you would like to get involved and find out more, visit the Take Care of Your Trails website. We will annually promote the campaign through our social media sites.

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