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Our women focused Rider2Leader programmes are back for a fourth year!

This joint initiative between DMBinS, Scottish Cycling and Glenmore Lodge takes you on a whistle stop tour of the British Mountain Bike Leadership Awards. Building confidence as you transition from mountain bike rider to mountain bike leader or if you aspire to move from a Level 2 leader to Level 3.


The Rider2Leader courses are delivered by women, specifically for women, to address many of the misconceptions around mountain bike leadership. Worried you aren’t fast enough, technically skilled enough, nervous about your navigational skills or trailside repairs but you can ride red grade trails* (or black graded trails* for the Level 3 Ranks it up a bit course) then we are here to help.

We take you through the awards, their content and level, offer you some cracking coaching and mentoring opportunities with Emma Holgate, Senior Instructor at Glenmore Lodge and British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Tutor and offer an action plan going forwards. All of this in an open, friendly and most importantly, a fun and supportive environment.

Please note, our Rider2Leader courses do not replace Level 2 or Level 3 training, they simply provide you with an opportunity to get familiar with the course in a safe and supportive environment, providing the tools to go for it!

Cost per person for the 2 days is £25 (we use funding to cover the majority of the costs). You need to be able to comfortably ride red* grade trails (or equivalent) for the Rider2leader courses and black* graded trails (or equivalent) for the Rider2leader Ranks it Up a bit course.

*We use trail grades purely to help you gauge your riding level in the full understanding there is flex in this. While we may use some trail centre facilities on the courses, do expect to ride out into the wild, leaving the trail centre well behind you!

Emma steep hill

Credit British Cycling

Rider2Leader Ranks it Up (Level 3), Glenmore Lodge

Glenmore Lodge, 29th and 30th May 2023
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Rider2Leader (Level 2) , Comrie Croft 2023

Comrie Croft, 29th and 30th August 2023
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