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Meet the Team - Here's Will

Will Clarke 2

Day 3 - Meet the Team. Today its our Will (William for short). The calmest member by a country mile! :-)

One of his statements may not be entirely true .... see if you can figure out which one.

Who are you? William Clarke.

Where are you from? Grew up in Northern Ireland, moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne for university and work for quite a while, now been in Scotland for 8 or 9 years.

What’s your role within DMBinS? Aberdeenshire Regional Development Co-Ordinator

Where do you live? Deeside, Aberdeenshire.

How old are you? In the prime of my life or verging on a mid life crisis depending on who you ask….

Children? None.

What’s your favourite food? I’m quite fussy but generally like some nice pub grub, always followed by dessert! (He's always hungry!!!)

Meet Will

Favourite place(s) to ride? Lesser known trails close to home here in Aberdeenshire are amazing and often underrated – a great mix of flowy singletrack and challenging enduro trails. I’ve really enjoyed my riding trips abroad - Madeira last year was definitely one of the best experiences I have had.

What do you enjoy away from biking? Any outdoors activity is usually a good bet!

What’s your favourite bike? Whatever I am currently riding (Santa Cruz Megatower at the moment)

Best riding buddy? Angus the trail dog.

Greatest bike achievement? Smoking Ed Shoote, Ex UK MTB 24hr Champ, the man who cycled to China, on every DMBinS #lunchlaps ride. (🤥)

Bike kit can’t live without? My slightly special looking prescription eyewear! Blind without it!

Little known fact? I love a good ceilidh, I am deaf in 1 ear and can eat more biscuits than the rest of the DMBinS team combined! (True thing!🤣)

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