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Case Study - Business providing excellent service to the mountain bike community - Aboyne.

Accommodation provider case study - Anna Blair from Number 2 1/2 in Aboyne explains how they used the DMBinS accommodation grant scheme last year.

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Why is important to Number 2 ½ Air BnB to attract cyclists and mountain bikers?

Mountain biking is booming, particularly here in Aberdeenshire and on Deeside where we are based. As well as seeing more and more riders there is also an increasing number of shops, cafes and businesses catering to and encouraging MTB visitors to the region. We are part of the MTB community locally and it just made sense for us to cater to like minded visitors.

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Credit 57Media

Are MTB visitors not more work than other guests? How do you cater for them?

Absolutely not. In general, we find them to be very self sufficient and now that we have bike store and wash area its even easier to accommodate them. They also seem to LOVE our area and equally we love showing them the area or hearing about their days out on the trails.

Tell us about your bike friendly facilities – how did you plan and deliver these?

We offer secure bike storage, bike wash, drying room, advice on trails, routes, coaches/guides and local shops. We felt it was really key to provide the physical bike storage solution and wash as these are so important to riders many of whom will have high value bikes and want that re-assurance that they can maintain them after a ride and have that confidence in a safe storage solution when they are not in use! We have a drying room set up so they know that their wet kit can be dried out between rides too so even if the weather doesn’t play along we can help them make the most of their stay!

How do you collaborate with mountain bike businesses?

For us it is all about being in communication, recommending each other. A few local MTB businesses even promote our Air B n B. We have so many awesome local bike friendly businesses and cafes that really add to the experience. Its Win Win really – more communication, more positivity, more relationships all adds up to a great holiday for our guests when they know there are awesome shops, guides and a generally bike friendly vibe.

Then you top that off with castles, Royal Deeside heritage, Whiskey and traditional attractions.

That all adds up to repeat custom - people already booking for next year.

How was your experience of the Grant scheme?

I would absolutely apply again. The bike box is an invaluable resource – people are looking for it, it differentiates us from other providers. The return custom is great and we love having like minded folk in our wee B n B!

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