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How DMBinS is governed?

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland is a part of Scottish Cycling. The management of the Scottish Trail Fund and the Scottish MTB Health Fund are overseen by trustees of the Scottish Cycling Charitable Foundation (SCCF), with distinct accounts and reports created for each fund.

DM Bin S Glentress Team Riding together Credit Finlay Anderson

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland has always been part of Scottish Cycling. We have always been proud of that.

Scottish Cycling has been at the forefront of mountain biking development from the UK’s first MTB Leadership awards, support for the events series’ SXC and SDA, growing the number of MTB clubs, supporting the set-up of mini-DH, involvement every year in the UCI MTB World Cup, to serious lobbying to get the UCI World Champs here in 2023 (& the awesome Scottish Cycling Facilities Fund which it has generated!).

Back in 2009, Scottish Cycling fought hard for the sport, and a not-for-profit cycling membership body, to host us and be at the forefront of supporting mountain biking in Scotland to sustainably grow and develop across our fantastic small country. We have our own distinct committee led by a member of the MTB community which reports to the Scottish Cycling board. However, we are not the core business of a governing body. Only a small amount of financial resource from sportscotland can be attributed to our work which specialises in trails; mountain biking health, inclusivity, and diversity programmes; destination/tourism development; and working with Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland on MTB innovation.

We are evolving though. We want the MTB community to have a say in what we do and how we do it. And due to the charitable characteristics of our work around trails and improving the health and well-being of our country through mountain biking we are now promoting two funds through the Scottish Cycling Charitable Foundation (SCCF).

All donations to the Scottish MTB Trail Fund and Scottish MTB Health Fund will be regulated under the charity regulatory body for Scotland – OSCR with charity number - OSCR NO. SC051130.

The management of the funds will be overseen by the trustees of SCCF with distinct accounts and reports created for each fund. To ensure the mountain bike community has a say in where, how, and what each of these funds deliver we will be creating ‘fund committees’ for both funds - starting with the Scottish Trail Fund.

The SCCF will contract Scottish Cycling, through a Service Level Agreement, for fund finance and treasury functions; and fund management and administration functions.

We believe this to be the most efficient and effective governance model to get your money onto the trails and pedals of Scottish riders.

We aim to be as transparent as possible in everything that we do.

In the near future we will publish the following documents:

Please view the following:

Scottish Trail Fund – Committee members (recruiting summer 2023), Terms of Reference & Minutes of Meetings (first meeting will be held in autumn 2023)

Why are we involved in Tourism/Destination Development and Innovation if they are not charitable?

The simple answer: they help our Scottish mountain bike community.

By creating awesome destinations with businesses who are ready to accommodate our global mountain bike community we are doing two functions:

  1. Providing our community with a greater level of service.
  2. Increasing the justifications and motivations for governments, agencies, and others to invest in mountain biking – particularly, our trail network.

We agree that our community shouldn’t be paying for these functions – they are set out to benefit you but they will also benefit (financially) businesses – that is why our donations to our charity are the Scottish MTB Trail Fund and Scottish MTB Health Fund.

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