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Riding Close to Home

As well as the extensive network of paths and trails we have in our wilderness and wider countryside, we are lucky to have a tremendous resource of parks, greenspaces and paths and tracks close to where we live. From every city, town & village in Scotland you can ride pretty much from your doorstep and find great trails and facilities.

Cathkin Scotty

Other path users

You are more likely to come across walkers, other mountain bikers, horse riders, parents with buggies and wheelchair users close to home. When approaching any of these groups:

  1. Be in control and be aware (especially if dogs are around as their movements can be unpredictable)
  2. A tinkle of a bell and/or a polite hello to let them know you are there (let horse riders be aware of your presence as early as possible and be confident they have seen you before passing)
  3. If the path is narrow you should be ready to give way or dismount.
  4. Keep smiling.
  5. Give a friendly thank you as you pass


Because routes in parks and close to home are often busy it is important to be aware of your speed. Be alert to other people (and their dogs) and ensure you ride at a speed which does not alarm or endanger other users. Particular care should be taken on blind corners and in dips where route visibility can be reduced.

Night ride

Take extra care your mega-bright night lights aren’t shining through people's windows or disturbing wildlife or other path users.

Try to avoid making too much noise as you pass houses on quiet winter evenings.

Do go out and explore the trails though – night riding is a whole different and exciting experience!

TAKE YOUR LITTER AWAYDon’t ruin our reputation and the countryside - if you brought it to the trails take it away, bin it or recycle it. #trashfreetrails

WILDLIFETake care not to disturb wildlife or damage natural vegetation.

TRAIL EROSIONBe aware of the impact of your riding on local trails. If your trail is showing signs of erosion or is likely to be damaged because of your riding, or the accumulation of numbers of riders using it, consider using an alternative trail.

Access rights extend to bringing your dog with you when you are mountain biking but you must keep it under proper control.

Be especially careful around other users, livestock, and breeding/ground nesting birds - and clean up after your dog.

For more information on cycling with dogs see - Dog Owners Guide

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