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IntraDrive. A revolutionary ultra durable e-bike drive unit

Eurobike Intradrive


Intra Drive was founded by Mark Ravilious, an inventive mechanical design engineer with a background in renewable energy. Mark had a vision for bicycles to be low maintenance and user friendly. The product combines a gearbox and electric motor removing the traditional cassette and derailleur.

Intra Drive Ltd received assistance from the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland, Scotland’s national centre for mountain biking innovation and excellence, and also received SMART funding from Scottish Enterprise, which enabled the development of a unique next-generation multi-speed drive unit, with the goal of improving performance and durability whilst reducing maintenance.

What is unique about this next generation multi-speed drive unit?

Intra Drive’s new drive unit combines proprietary multi-speed gearbox technology, a lightweight brushless motor, and a novel electronic shifting system, resulting in a compact and highly integrated 8-speed drive unit.

Intra Drive’s vision of a zero maintenance ebike drivetrain is achieved by doing away with derailleur gearing and instead using a proprietary sealed gearbox. Hardened steel gears running in oil ensure an extremely long lifetime of the product, with very low maintenance. This highly optimised design weighs no more than the market-leading competition and offers additional benefits including improved weight distribution, clean aesthetics, and integrated electronic (wireless) shifting.

Currently the motor units fitted to the majority of new ebikes, from the mid-range price point and upwards, are manufactured by market leaders Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha. These powerful “mid-drive” motors transmit drive through the chain and derailleur gearing system to the rear wheel. The derailleur gearing system has evolved to be an effective system for conventional bicycles, however, suffers accelerated wear when exposed to the additional power from a mid-drive motor. This results in the need for frequent replacement of these costly drivetrain parts.

The future

The global e-bike market was valued at USD 14,755.20 million in 2018 according to MAIA Research. The European region accounted for 20% of the global market and is expected to witness the fastest growth rate of 6.23% during 2019-2024. According to Bosch, over one million e-bikes were sold last year in Germany alone.

Intra Drive is now seeking an established commercial partner to progress the product from working prototype to volume production under license. The technology developed over the last 3 years is relatively close to production-ready and has been designed with volume manufacturing processes in mind from the outset.

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