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The Flying Scotsman

2020 downhill World Champion Reece Wilson and Sleeper Co come together once again, with a 50-minute documentary that takes a deep dive into the rarefied air where elite athletes operate. Reece hopes this film will help shed some light on the completely invisible, but critically important aspect of World Cup racing; the mental game.

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“The Flying Scotsman” shows how riders become athletes, and athletes become heroes. After winning the coveted rainbow stripes in 2020, Wilson was all set to establish himself as the man to beat. He had the talent, and crucially, a newfound confidence, but others did not. A vocal online commentary discounted his win; an outside bet winning a race that he wasn’t supposed to, was symptomatic of 2020. It was, surely, yet another anomaly.

As we continue to see, those with clear eyes know when to bet on emerging talents upsetting the apple cart. Armed with a point to prove, along with a new nickname, “The Flying Scotsman”, the Trek Factory Racing rider goes all in, from ultimate highs to deep lows. 2021 was certainly topsy-turvy, a roller coaster ride for the man from the Scottish Borders.

This insightful and beautifully shot film provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the mind of a world-class athlete striving to be the very best.

Sleeper Co quote:

"We share a long history of memories with Reece, and this relationship, one of deep friendship, is what allowed us to pull together a film such as this. In such a pressured environment such as World Cup DH, this is important as when the highs are high we can share the thrill, but when the lows arrive, we can be trusted with a rider's innermost thoughts.

We are incredibly proud of Reece, and this collaborative film, which is a celebration of what we think is one of the greatest sports there is. We had no idea how the story would pan out when we began filming, but such is the beauty of a sport with so many variables, there inevitably ends up being a story of intrigue to tell. And so it was throughout 2021.

We really hope you enjoy this film, and huge thanks to all who let us in close to document Reece’s incredible journey. "

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Credit Ross Bell and Matt Delorme

Reece Wilson:

“Ironically, this film was never planned by myself, Max or Glen. We had agreed that Sleeper Co would do their very best to archive as much footage from the year as possible so we could make a short video recapping the season's events.

As you’ll see when you watch it, you can’t plan out professional sports that have this many variables... you can only document what you see and hope you’re gifted with a compelling story to tell.

The 2021 season ended up being one of my wildest ones yet. This film takes you through that in its entirety as I go from the lowest lows to the highest highs. It’s equally exciting as it is nerve-racking for me to put something with this much detail out into the world but it’s really highlighted to me how much I develop and change throughout the experiences of a race season. I hope this film helps shed some light on the completely invisible, but critically important aspect of World Cup racing; the mental game.

Special thanks to Max and Glen for the ridiculous amount of hours they’ve put in to get this together. I’d also like to say huge thanks to every person who’s supplied footage, supported this film, or shared advice throughout the process. This was a big effort from a lot of people and we appreciate any support it receives.”

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Credit Ross Bell and Matt Delorme


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