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Recruiting: Chair - Scottish MTB Consortium

This is a great opportunity for someone with a passion for the outdoors and mountain biking. It has great potential for developing new skills, meeting new people and networks, and making a genuine difference to mountain biking in Scotland.

Fort William and Lochaber 3 Credit DM Bin S and Scotty Laughland

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The Scottish Mountain Bike Consortium (MTB Consortium) is a forum comprising of the Scottish Government and other key agencies and organisations with a role relating to mountain biking in Scotland.

The MTB Consortium owns, and is responsible for delivering, the Strategy for Scottish Mountain Biking. Download the 2023-2025 MTB Strategy

The core purpose of the MTB Consortium is to promote effective partnership working between Consortium members and other groups and organisations relating to mountain biking, associated recreation, sport, tourism and economic development. Specifically:

  1. To own and deliver the actions and aspirations contained within the Strategy for Scottish Mountain Biking;
  2. To provide strategic direction to inform the current workplan of Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS);
  3. To assist the flow of communication, joint working and cohesive action between Consortium members and stakeholders;
  4. To communicate, through external and internal communication of key topics, successes and issues in Scottish mountain biking;
  5. To provide a forum for positive action and ensure deliver on any agreed action points;
  6. To lead the strategic direction of mountain biking in Scotland and to Consortium partners progress towards the outcomes as contained within the Strategy for Scottish Mountain Biking.

The role is supported by the DMBinS staff team, primarily through the Head of DMBinS.


The role of the Chair is to:

  • provide impartial leadership to the MTB Consortium and its work;
  • work closely with the Head of DMBinS to agree agendas, advise on papers and comment on draft minutes;
  • chair meetings and ensure that members are able to have a full and equal say on the issues being raised and discussed;
  • encourage members, member bodies and their representatives to reach collective views on issues and how best to address them; and
  • represent the MTB Consortium and DMBinS externally, for example: at key events, and in contacts with politicians and the media as required.

It is essential that the Chair can command the respect of all the main interests on the MTB Consortium members through a combination of their experience and interest in, and understanding of, mountain biking and related land and recreation management issues.

The Chair will have a term of 2 years and, through agreement by MTB Consortium members, may continue in the role without a recruitment process, but may not sit longer than 3 terms.

An Expression of Interest cover letter, outlining your motivation and interest in this position, along with a summary CV and should be submitted by the closing date Monday 27th November 2023.


For more information on the role - download the Role Description.

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