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CRC.Scot have grown over the last few years, and are now synonymous with some of Scotland's most exciting new trails. But they have a long track record and their legacy can be found in many of our most significant new trail developments over the last decade.

CRC Glenlivet Quick Selects RB 20

Who are CRC?

CRC - Chris Rogerson Contracting, are based in Aberdeenshire and offer a range of services - including groundworks, watercourse and wetland improvements, cycle and footpath construction, forestry works, mountain bike trails and now pump tracks. Their work includes Laggan Wolftrax upgrades, Macchiato at Pitfichie, the new blue 'Relish' in Aboyne, the new Golfie climb at Innerleithen, and Glenlivet - where they have recently completed the new Bazza's Berms trail, which is amazing - just look at the pictures below! CRC are also working on Tarland Trails 2!

Their trail build team is made up of a skilled and dedicated crew who are passionate about building and riding.

CRC lead trail designer Tom Cole gives an update on what they have been up to and what to expect in the future.

CRC Glenlivet RB Web Res 139

Strong Team. Image - Ross Bell

Tom Cole - CRC

From a trail builder/designer perspective Glenlivet is a great location. The natural topography is varied with open woodland, clear hill sides and dense forest. This combined with the excellent subsoil makes it a great location for building flow style trails and natural singletrack.

CRC Glenlivet Quick Selects RB 8

Hard work and an eye for detail. Image- Ross Bell

CRC Glenlivet Quick Selects RB 11

Sculpting turns. Image - Ross Bell

Tom Cole - CRC

The vision for Glenlivet over the last few years and moving forward has been to build on the traditional cross country style of the original trail centre design to develop Scotland’s premier flow and jump style trails.

CRC Glenlivet Quick Selects RB 16

Testing... perks of the job! Image - Ross Bell

CRC Glenlivet Quick Selects RB 12

Calum MacBain, spotting a downslope, somewhere. Image - Ross Bell

Tom Cole - CRC

The addition of the Orange jump line and now the flow trail ‘Bazza’s Berms’ creates a progression of trails for riders to develop skills and enjoy this type of higher speed jump style trail that is a rarity in Scotland.

The future plans are to extend this with a big air jump line cementing Glenlivet as the place to go for airtime on your mountain bike!

CRC Glenlivet Quick Selects RB 15

Hans explaining his approach to any riding situation to the rest of the CRC team. Image - Ross Bell

CRC Glenlivet Quick Selects RB 3

Go on... Image - Ross Bell

CRC Glenlivet Quick Selects RB 4

So tempting! Image - Ross Bell

Tom Cole - CRC

Natural trails have surged in popularity over recent years. The Glenlivet team have met this demand with the addition of the more challenging natural trails leading out from the existing trail centre loops.

This creates a varied exciting experience for any level of rider and great combination and contrast to the purpose built trails.

The Cairngorms have so much to offer to riders. It is the largest of the UK’s national parks, and is made up of over 4,500sq km of un-spoilt countryside, has 5 of the UK’s 6 highest mountains, 43 munros, 9 nature reserves, and huge swathes of forests containing ancient Caledonian Pine trees. And two awesome trail centres! Check out our Ride Guide for further inspiration and details of how you can contribute to the trail network in the area at NO extra cost when you book your Cairngorms break!

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