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Paul MacFarlane

Paul's role as the Trail Therapy MTB Leader is to establish therapeutic routes to recovery utilising mountain biking and the natural environment. Innovative approaches to partnership working across the public, private and 3rd sector has established multiple frameworks for engaging participants and Mental Health Professionals within Mountain Biking.

Mountain Bike Trail Therapy Leader

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Profile Paul Mac Farlane Credit Finlay Anderson

Recovery, Passion and Support

Paul has many years experience working within the Adventure Sports Sector and within Mental Health. An experienced MTB Coach and Leader, Ski and Snowboard Instructor and Scottish Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Paul has been using adventure sports as the driver for improving peoples mental health and physical health leading to a positive increase in wellbeing.

Paul believes in creating non-judgmental recovery communities where people can be open and honest about their mental health, draw upon the kindness of others and connect with like minded folk. Mountain biking is the perfect environment for fostering such recovery communities, bringing together supportive people with a common passion and energy.

It's not about how far, how fast or how high - it's all about how much you enjoyed the experience, how big the smile was and how much you want to get back to do it again.

Paul, Mountain Bike Trail Therapy Leader

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